UST Fortuna

Open Enterprise Private Cloud


Driven by the need for a combination of data realities and cloud experience, enterprises increasingly demand a public cloud-like experience for all locations, that includes on-premises and edge.

UST Fortuna® is a unique private cloud platform built on Open technologies that provides private cloud services within the datacenter to both operate complex enterprise workloads and to develop cloud-native applications.
The platform fully-supports a Hybrid cloud model – offering most economical options than alternative proprietary, or HCI cloud platforms.

Key Features:

  • Open Source components deliver 40-70% cost efficiencies over other cloud platforms
  • Rich API capabilities enables Integration to Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAC) and DevOps
  • Container Orchestration Engine (COE) ready platform that delivers containers and serverless
  • Automated services onboarding to monitoring with informative dashboards
  • Built-in micro-segmented security architecture exponentially increases the agility and security
  • Application Catalog for ready application provisioning and management
  • Self-Sustaining cloud operations powered by built-in auto-scaling capability


UST Fortuna is powered by OpenStack for fast and easy access to the latest open source technologies for best-in-class private cloud capabilities.


Multi-hypervisor support for KVM, Hyper-V and VMware


Supports software-defined storage, such as Ceph along with most proprietary options

Open APIs

Rich integration capabilities enabled by native API’s and Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAC) tools


Container orchestration support that delivers microservices or serverless applications in seconds


Application catalog for application provisioning and management of workloads


Built-in micro-segmented security architecture and encryption that reduces risk and security compliance


Agile cloud operations powered by auto-scaling and automated control plane for maintaining high availability


Automated abstraction layer for life cycle management, migration upgrades and remote support


Business benefits
  • Mature:  Developed and extended on popular open source technologies leveraged by Fortune 500 companies
  • Economical: Minimal software licensing cost and commodity hardware support reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Innovation: Removes barrier to experiment or develop best practices for cloud native workloads and DevOps processes.
  • Freedom: Removes dependence on software vendor, thereby limiting the risk of lock-in.
  • Choice: Leverages existing hardware and maximizes capex investments reducing the barrier for modernization

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