UST Multicloud Manager

Enable IT-as-a-service for multicloud


More than 80% of companies have adopted a multicloud strategy.  The recent pandemic may have slowed some of the transformative efforts, but CIOs are continuing to invest in Multicloud, as evident by the latest IT budgets.  This is a sign that adopting multiple clouds has clearly demonstrated business benefits; however organizations are still struggling to operate it efficiently. This has slowed progress and diluted its value, despite the optimism.

Critical challenges remain. Unexpected costs, security compliance, technology and operational silos, performance and availability guarantee and standardized tools or processes are commonly cited concerns.

At UST we have developed a unique platform to address many of these challenges. UST Multicloud Manag


UST Multicloud Manager is an IT-as-a-service platform enabling  near Zero-Touch operation and common end-to-end governance for any cloud. It is built on a cloud orchestration and delivery framework that unlocks self-service hybrid IT across multiple clouds.

Provisioning:  A centralized portal where a developer or end user can request for infrastructure on any cloud platform, based on standardized and approved templates (blueprints).  Built-in approval workflow enables governance through pre-defined IT policies. The workflow engine is customizable and can be integrated with any ITSM tool through restful APIs.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring: Observability of newly provisioned resources. Handles event correlation to expose the relation between two, or more cloud events.

Day-2 Operations : Automation engine that can easily remediate level 1 & level 2 issues with near zero touch operations.  Simple to complex workflows with a built-in escalation matrix can be easily set-up.

Cost Management: Monitors metering of cloud resource usage and associated costs. This enables the team to view aggregate consumption, showbacks or chargebacks. Further recommends strategies with policy-based actions to improve cloud economics such as, waste-reduction, forecasting, right-sizing and budgeting.

Security Compliance: Policy-based cloud compliance is enforceable through early vulnerability detection and multiple mechanisms to automate remediation.

Contract Management: Efficiently manages all the contracts/subscriptions in multi-cloud platforms. Managing various business contracts, with capabilities to enforce service entitlements.

Intelligent Dashboard: Mobile-enabled analytics dashboard provides a unified view of financial & resource visibility across the multicloud estate.


Product benefits

UST Multicloud Manager empowers IT with an integrated as-a-service solution

  • Improve visibility by discovering and analyzing resources across clouds or on-premises environments
  • Apply governance and compliance with tagging, vulnerability assessments and actionable remediation
  • Gain developer productivity and architecture standardization with automated provisioning and templates
  • Rapidly analyze and correlate performance and problem incidents across workloads and environments
  • Proactively manage and optimize costs with billing analytics, optimizations and forecasting recommendations
  • Realize ITaaS with automated process workflows, policies, service catalogs and configuration management

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